Objectives and Program


  • To prevent abandonment of the children
  • To support the mothers
  • To promote a social reintegration in a familiar environment
  • To open up for a legislation protecting the women
  • To organise a public awareness campaign


To fight against exclusion while ensuring:

  • The lodging of the mothers with their babies
  • Rehabilitation in a familiar environment
  • A financial, medical and psychological assistance. If necessary the women are also given support in the administrative and legal domains
  • A support in the search for an employment and a housing
  • A material assistance for the social reintegration (clothes, groceries etc.)
  • The placement of the babies in the daycare centre to make it possible for the mothers to work and support themselves and their children
  • A follow-up of the babies during their first three years
  • Education in familly planning, birth control and information about sexually transmitted diseases


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