Information and Prevention


Oum El Banine is giving direct support to women and children in need, but there is also a more long-term ambition with the work of the association. As a part of this, Oum El Banine organizes a public awareness campaign with a preventive purpose. Information on sexual matters is forbidden in Moroccan schools and young people are often lacking basic knowledge about birth control and sexually transmitted diseases. The social assistants of the association are often visiting schools, informing about these issues – and also about children’s and women’s rights to raise awareness among young people.

Information is also especially given to young women and girls at risk. Oum El Banine is therefore often visiting villages in the rural areas, gathering women to meetings where they are informed about their basic legal rights, Most of these women are illiterate and there are no other sources of information available for them. Every year, more than 2000 women and young boys and girls attend meetings and workshops hosted by Oum El Banine and are therefore made aware of their legal rights, health and other important issues.

Oum El Banine is sometimes bringing cases to court to defend women and their children. The association has been successful in several cases of abuse, incest and rape. Oum El Banine is also working towards a legislation better protecting women and for getting the mothers and their babies automatically registered in the official registers.

NOTE: The preventive work have been paused since 2015, because of a lack of financial resources. The work is of course still needed and any idea of a new partner who can cooperate and finance this work is highly appreciated.


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