Actions and Perspectives


Actions in progress

  • Reinforcement of the public awareness campaign in the region of Agadir
  • Research for partners and donors
  • Reflection on the education of the mothers
  • Reflection on the generating projects of incomes
  • Reflection on the request for a ground for construction of a centre gathering all the activities of the association

Some actions carried out

  • Opening of the women’s house in Quartier Essalam in Agadir
  • Realisation of a conference on the theme: Unmarried mothers – from a social, religious and legal point of view
  • Helping several thousands of women in distress and their babies (housing, clothing, food, care etc.)
  • More than 1000 babies were saved from abandonment and kept by their mothers
  • More than 700 women were reconciled and reintegrated in their families
  • More than 40 women have gotten married with the father of their child
  • More than two hundred children and mothers have profited from legal assistance
  • More than 600 children and mothers have been declared in the registers of births, marriages and deaths
  • More than 950 children have benefited from the responsibility of the daycare centre
  • Thousands of young women and girls at risk have benefited from the campaign with preventive information

Perspectives for the future

Oum El Banine is an ambitious association with long-term plans. The perspectives for the future:

  • To continue and to further develop all current projects
  • To enlarge the project with preventive information in the whole region of Agadir (the Souss Massa Darâa region)
  • To further promote professional education for the women
  • To take the main responsibility for the children up to four years
  • To give support and to cooperate with other NGO:s (nongovernmental organizations) and to develop the network of associations working with mothers and children in distress in the Souss region (RAFED-SOUSS)

For the moment, the realization of these plans is far away. Today, the main concern is how to maintain the work at all. The largest obstacle for Oum El Banine is irregular and insufficient economic resources. The economic situation is very grave. Oum El Banine lives from month to month and can never predict their financial situation and, as a result of this, they can never make long-term plans or investments. This affects their possibilities to help women and children.

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